Limestone Gravel

Clean Gravel

 3/4-1″ Gray Gravel 3/4 Clean is crushed limestone. It is used as a base gravel under poured concrete and for French drains. 3/4 clean is used for driveways and paths. **Also available in 2″


 4-8″ Gray Gravel Gabion is used primarily in creek beds, for heavy water flow, run off areas, and around water retention ponds. This is the limestone gravel that you see along the highway.


Gray Color Gravel  Minus is crushed limestone gravel. It is a mixture of screenings and 3/4 clean limestone. It is used for compatible base material under patios, driveways, retaining walls, and much more. It is usually put as a first layer underneath sand. *Also available in 2″ ^


Screenings is crushed limestone gravel. It has a powder like texture and compacts down very easily. Screenings are used for final leveling, walking paths, tracks, and much more.

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