Decorative Gravel

Alabama Sunset

Alabama Sunset decorative gravel is only available in one size: 3/4-1.5″ Alabama Sunset is a quartzite gravel straight from Alabama. These stones are naturally rounded and have a polished look when wet. They look beautiful as a substitute for mulch and also in fountains or any place that they will get wet. This rock is […]

Arkansas White

Arkansas White is available in a 3/4-1.5″ size. It makes a great addition to any garden. May use this gravel in atrium areas as well. NEW ITEM: Great in Japanese Gardens! Available in 50# bags only.  

Chicago Buff

Chicago Buff is a neutral color decorative gravel. It is a a popular gravel in the St. Louis area. This gravel looks great against any home because of the subtle tones and hints of color. Chicago Buff is available in one size: 1-2″  

Iowa Lake

Iowa Lake decorative gravel is available in three sizes. The standard size is 3/4-1.5″. We also have 2-5″ in stock. 1/4″ Iowa Lake is now an in stock item!   1/4″ makes a great addition to any playground.  

Lava Rock

Lava Rock is a rough porous stone which adds a rustic texture to accentuate any garden. The red/burgundy color is ideal for that special added boost to your decorative landscape application. One size only: 1.5-2″  

Trap Rock

  Trap Rock is a purple colored decorative gravel. The standard size is 3/4-1″. We also stock Oversized Trap Rock which is 2-3″. 

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